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Tis the season to be jolly and "Serve Others Above Self".  Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.  For many this is a time with family and friends to get together.  There are others who are serving in the Military that may not be family and friends.  Some of our Big Bear Valley residents will not have much of a thanksgiving unless we help them through Million Meals and the generosity of many organizations in the Big Bear Valley.  Rotary will be  feeding seniors at Pine summit on December 6, 2017.  Tickets are available at all Re-Max offices.  Many of our Seniors do not get out much and this is a great way to have a good meal and visit with friends.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be at the event to welcome you even though it is Thanksgiving..  Rotarians and Interact students will be there to assist you if needed.  The meal will be scrumptious and plenty of it.  Coffee, water, or tea for everyone.  Presents, music and good fellowship will be there.
Santa will out visiting children in the Big Bear Valley on December 14th, 15th and 16th.  The flyer below will give you more information.  If you can donate to the program that is great.  If you can't, then don't worry about it.  Santa will be happy to come by your house and greet the children.  Call one of the numbers on the flyer and let us know what day, time and your location.  Santa and his elf will show up at your home and greet your children by name.  There will be toys and presents for each of the children.  If we have snow we will still be there.  Might be a little slower but the Reindeer don't like the anti-freeze.  Please call and give you children their first visit from Santa or the sixth....   It is our pleasure to send the Santas out in the community.  
President Keenan open the meeting of the Big Bear Lake Rotary Club, The Club with the high altitude and the can do attitude.  
John Neiderkorn led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ron Peavy provided the Rotary Moment
Al Ferguson led us in a new Rotary Song and the R-O-T-A-R-Y song
1. Jan Brakebill - wife of Andy Brakebill who will be a new proposed member of our Rotary Club
2. Pamaela Scanell - A newly proposed and accepted member of our Rotary Club
3. Chuck Barnes - A former member of the Vancouver, Washington Rotary Club and a proposed new member of our Rotary Club
1. Table Sponsor ships desired.   Send your $100 Check to the Big Bear Lake Rotary Foundation with your 30 character message. PO Box 615, BBL, 92315
2. Need Santa Sign ups.  Good santas are in high demand along with elves and drivers!
3. Dave Johnson and Keenan Wagner are sending out over 500+ letters for Santa Donations.  Big Thanks to the Interact Club for folding and stuffing the envelopes.  
4. President Keenan reported that he is short $57 from reaching a $1000 from the recycling of plastic bottles (Mainly from Wyndham Resorts - Member Mike Duran).  This money will be the seed money for the Early-Act at Baldwin Lane Elementary.
5. There is a fireside (Rotary Orientation) At the East Sugarloaf Clubhouse on Tuesday Evening at 6:00 p.m.   That is 1032 Heritage Tr, Big Bear City.  This fireside is for Pamela Scannell, Jack Roberts and Chuck Barnes.  
6. Sonora Cantina is having a Taco Night for Interact.  Funds will go to the general fund for local projects.  Interact just raised about $4,000 for Earthquake relief in Mexico and Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico. 
7. Jim Miller is missing clothing that was lent for Oktoberfest.  Clean the costumes and return them to Jim and Sandy Miller.  
Dinner was pasta Alfredo, great chicken strips, vegetarian Ravioli, Salads and a Great Apple Strudel with Ice Cream.  Thanks Charlie. 
1. John Stock was asked to remember October 17th.  Formerly recognized for the 6th.  Offered $20.  Said it was the best birthday vacation he and Ginny had in many years.  Spent from her birthday October 6th to his Birthday on the 17th of October on the Island of Kauai.  
2. Helen Walsh and Andy Brakebill.  Scribe a little confused here!  Jan Brakebill's Birthday so Andy paid $50.  Helen Walsh's Birthday and She paid $50.  Hope I have this correct.
3. Dick Shaw's Club anniversary.  Ponied up $36.
4. Maria Martell - 10/27 club anniversary. found an extra $5 in her wallet
5. Craig Smith - 11/5 Club anniversary.  Kathy only left him $9.00!
6. Tony Tambershi - Had a great and not so great trip to Brazil.  Found 32.6 Brazilian Reals in his pocket. $10.  
7. John Niederkorn had a great 6 week traveling vacation.  Gave Garry Dokter (Foundation Director) A $100 check for his Paul Harris.
8. John Bartley hear that he was going to be fined for not wearing his badge.  Wore Michael Beveridges as he left his badge on his lederhosen!!! $5.00
9. Jim Miller was seen driving through the village with his Chinease Sunglasses.  Let him pass!
10. John Callahan - Found out he couldn't join the mesquite, NV Rotary club due to the recommendation received from our Club.  We just didn't want him to go!!!
11. Keenan's Weekender - $20 and an additional $7 for the combined IQ of the UCLA Basketball team!!!!
12. Ron Peavy's Picture was in the Grizzly - In front of the Oakside Restaurant. $5.00 for Advertising!  Great food I hear!
14.  The harvest Festival is estimated (not all facts in yet) a final funds amount of $7,300+ for The Rotary Foundation.  Thanks in large part to the Brmer's Donation.  
Andy and Jan Brakebill had a table of many of their products that they print.  Andy and Jan have retired (At least Andy has) in Big Bear.  They have a large Print Shop Business in Indio, CA.  They are donating all of printing for our Rotary Club.  Thanks Andy and Jan.  Andy has supported RYLA in his former Club in Indio, CA for many years.  He has added 6 students to our RYLA group for this year.  Andy and Jan talked about their customer service.  They have a full time graphic artist that will design and compose for you to meet all your Printing Needs including banners.  Thanks for the great Rotary Program.  
Shown at the left is Andy Brakebill, President Keenan Warner, and Jan Brakebill.  
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