President Dawn Hartmeister
6:33 p.m. Past President King Warner led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test
* We had fourteen (14) feisty Rotarians in attendance
Interact:  "Stay in Your Car" Car wash 
*Dress rehearsal for this event will be on Wednesday, April 21 @ WorldMark-240 Starvation Flats, BBL.  Andy & Interactors need Rotary volunteers to assist with traffic.  Please sign up and be there @ 2 p.m. on the 21st for in-service.
*This event is being advertised in the Grizzly, KBHR, facebook and other social media.
*Actual event is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday on April 24 & 25, May 1, 2 from 10-4 each of those days.
*Your help is NEEDED so please participate AND spread the word!
*Fireworks showS!  Excellent information and details were provided by President Dawn, Cliff Fowler & Michael Beveridge.
*Key points:
 >There will be two (2) shows--Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day) &
    Sunday, July 4 (Independence Day)
 >Barge set-up day will begin on Thursday, May 27 @ 12 noon. This will serve as our regular meeting!!!
   Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be served; there will be plenty of work, fun and fellowship.
 >President Dawn, Clifford & Michael have been working closely with Pyro, the city and Visit Big Bear to ensure we have GREAT shows!
*******GREAT INFORMATION********
●   April 24,25 Interact Car Wash @ 240 Starvation Flats (WorldMark)
      May 1, 2 Interact Car Wash           “            “            “
●    May 14 District Foundation Gala (virtual)
●     “     15 District Conference (virtual)
●     “    16  District Memorial Service—honoring Rotarians who have passed.  Ron Baker and
                         Wagner will be remembered—more info to follow! (virtual)
♦   "     27 12 noon Barge set-up begins @ 12 noon
Meeting adjourned @ 7:16 p.m.  Zoom in on Thursday, April 15!!