President Dawn Hartmeister
CALL TO ORDER                           
  1. Ex-President Kwin called the meeting to order @ 6:30ish p.m. Leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance  Rotary 3-Way Test  
  2. Welcome 20 Zoomers including our program, Jim Dowler.
  3. GREAT to see all the participants.  Thank for Zoomin’ in.
  1. Fireworks: President Dawn is meeting with Michael Perry seeking clarification of Rotary’s role on Memorial Day & July 4.
  2. BBQ:  Nothing to report
  3. Dick Shaw presented updates on Youth Exchange.  There will be NO EXCHANGE program this year due to ongoing pandemic concerns. Our district 5330 as part of Scannex has been the greatest supporter of the exchange program.  Nine districts within Scannex has supported 8,000 Exchanges!!! Dick dedicated seven years as District Chair for this outstanding program.  Last week in the “virtual” exchange program, there were 1,100 participants representing 50 countries.  Quote:  If every 16 year old participated in an International Exchange, we would have NO WARS!
  1. “Car Wash Basics”:  In preparation for this fundraiser, Interact had a successful “walk through” @ WorldMark on Wednesday, February 24 @ 6:30 P.M.
♦    Jim Dowler gave us another wonderful Zoom Program. The focus was on the Kenya Mother-Child Phase 1 Global Grant.  Jim (and wife, Marsha) were directly involved in this grant.  This grant met one of the seven focus areas for RI. The First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, was a major supporter. The mortality rate of newborns in this area is astronomical—800 women die per day during childbirth. 5 cities and counties, including Olchorro, participated in this program.
As John Stock & Clifford Fowler pointed out, the African participants in this grant had a strong connection to Big Bear. Eric Kimani, PDG, came to Big Bear under the “old” Group Study Exchange (GSE) program—Eric purchased a 14’ pontoon boat from Roy Brownie to have it shipped to Nairobi.  Following this visit, John & Clifford shared that Eric’s daughter, Mathone, was an exchange to Big Bear staying with the Fowlers.
Big Bear Rotary was one of the many clubs that participated in Phase I of this grant that provided state of the art equipment for 3 hospitals to address the childbirth issues.  In addition Phase II of this grant assisted 4 additional hospitals that were 200 miles from Nairobi were traveled on, at times, muddy and dirty roads.
More interesting information about this grant was shared by Jim.  Great presentation!!
  1. Marcus Dietz needs all of us to assist in finding programs—CRAFT talks are definitely WELCOME so please volunteer.  Over the years, some of our BEST programs have
    • been hearing the UNIQUE stories of our members.
  1. ADJOURNMENT: 7:28 p.m. BE SURE TO ZOOM in Thursday, March 3  @ 6:30 p.m.