President Dawn Hartmeister
CALL TO ORDER                           
President Dawn called the meeting to order @ 6:31 p.m.
President Dawn led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rotary 4-Way Test +1 (will it be
        bailable and/or fun)!!  Yikes!!.
Welcome 18 Zoomers including potential members, Dennis & Tiffany. Thank you for joining us!
  • Dave Johnson reported club TONIGHT’S “attendance” at  45.4%
  • Meals on Wheels:  The club has donated a total of $6,000!
  • Keenan reminded everyone that we are looking to purchase a “portable” storage unit to eliminate our monthly cost for the one on BB Blvd. If you know of one…….
  • Dental Program:  tentatively scheduled for early May; materials ordered by Dr. Yoshida have been received.
  • Ron reminded everyone that the BBCA/TdBB will be looking for commitments to man the aid stations for this event-Saturday, August 7.  We received $1,500 for participation in this event the past two years.
  • Sonia Amaral, our newest member, will be working with the school district to identify families that may be in need.  The members feel we should NOT hold on to the Stater Bros gift cards just to be utilized at our Santa visits, let’s help needy families now.  Thank you Sonia! 
  • In addition Sonia shared that some students (primary & special ed) are in school.  4/5 Grades are tentatively returning January 19 or 25.  BBMS & BBHS still in question.
  • Dave Johnson sent our July 4 Fireworks application to MWD for the 2021 show!
  • Dick Shaw gave an update on the 2021 Exchange Program—50/50 chance of happening this year but one of our students, Robert Parde, is approved.
In lieu of a program, President Hartmeister asked each of us to share our thoughts on Gratitude.
Our responses centered around family, friends, health, opportunities, Rotary fellowship—we want to meet in person, military personnel, weather, anniversaries, students, Interact, life, Big Bear environment, ZOOM & HELPING OTHERS!! 
Yes, living in our beautiful valley and being Rotarians, we have GRATITUDE!!
ADJOURNMENT: 7:11 p.m.