President Dawn Hartmeister
Call to Order
President Dawn Hartmeister opened the Rotary Zoom Meeting at 6:35 p.m. 
Pledge and 4-Way Test led by P-Dawn
Special Guest
Guest and Scholarship winner,Victoria McGiveny, is a Violin Music Major and a Music Education Major at Azusa Pacific UniversityVictoria has had to go online this semester.  It is hard for music majors to cope with that.  She used part of her scholarship from BBL Rotary to purchase a no. 3 tier recording machine recommended by the school.  The school music department sends out the music and timing.  Each student records their part and when it is perfect sends it into the school which puts all the parts together into a performance.  She reports that week 4 is going okay.  Had to get used to the recording.  Question was asked if they will be returning to the dormitories in the coming new year.  It is still up in the air.  Hopefully this will happen when it is safe.  The students are keeping in touch on social media and this helps to a great degree to keep friendships going.  She was asked if she was going to take any time off from school and then return when the pandemic has ended?  She said that she thought about it but was afraid that she would loose her school scholarship and was going to stick it out.  Would be nice if she could do it.  The reason she is doing a double major is so that she can not only play performance violin but can teach as well.  She taught young children here in big bear every year she was in High School and misses the interaction with the students.  She thanked the Rotary Members several time for her scholarship. 
With regrets, Maria Martel is resigning her membership in Rotary.   She and husband, Eric, have sold their home in BB and are moving to Flagstaff, AZ to be near their daughter. 
Unexpectedly and GREATLY appreciated, the Southwest Gas Company sent us a donation of $1,000.  They were thanked and a letter sent.
BBLRC Announcements/Updates
*September 28th   collaboration meeting for the Holidays
*Halloween in the Village: Interact is planning a Drive-through Haunted House at the Parking lot on the northwest corner of Village Drive and Knickerbocker.  This will be on the evenings of October 28th, 29th and 30th
  Music, smoke and fun on three evenings. Additional info to be confirmed
*Fireworks Show: Veterans' Day (November 11) or November 28 are still being evaluated.
*Interact Club Report:  Andy Brakebill reports the club has voted to spend $5,000 over the Holidays.  A donation of $1,000 to the Peanut Butter Project, $1,000 to El Dorado Fire fund through Rotary District, $1,000 to BB Zoom, $1,000     to USARC, and $1,000 donation to a needy family for Christmas. 
*Grocery deliveries are still in progress over the weekend. 
*BBL Clean up is still in progress every other Sunday.  Last week 8-10 bags of trash were picked up on and around BBBlvd.  . 
*Interact Club Members are working hard and making BB a better place to live.  
Meeting adjourned @ 7:20 p.m.