Posted by Ronald Peavy on May 09, 2019
President Costlow called the meeting to Order @ 6:37 p.m. due to the tardiness of several Rotarians.  Appropriately so, these "fine"  Rotarians were "recognized" for their lack of consideration of our President.  A Rotary moment was given by our President followed by our song leader, Dave Johnson, leading us in "God Bless America" and "R-O-T-A-R-Y.  After being seated all members and guests repeated the Rotary 4-Way Test (in all things we think, say AND do!
General announcements were made of upcoming events (see calendar below).  
President Costlow inducted Bill Torre, sponsored by Andy Brakebill.  Bill is a retired engineer out of San Diego and enjoys giving back to the community.  He and his wife, Karen, look forward to being a part of the Best Rotary Club in 5330.  Earlier in the day, Melissa Baghboudarian, co-owner of the Graphics Designed Ink, was inducted into our club.  She and her husband, Sevag, look forward to being part of the Rotary family.  They are especially interested in working with the youth and the Santa program.  WELCOME Bill and Melissa.
   Melissa Bagboudarian                                 William "Bill" Torre
 Seems our esteemed President can't stay out of trouble as he was recognized, recognized and recognized.  Carol Bremer did not let the Prez get away with anything.  Keenan Weinerschnitzel was recognized for being himself....the "tardies" were given an opportunity to share their regrets....
Sara Rosell gave us an excellent overview of the Big Bear USARC (United States Adaptive Recreation Center) program.  This program was started in 1983.  In 1989 USARC established the first full-time on-site adaptive ski school in Southern California at guess where?......yes, at our own Bear Mountain Resort.  Summer programs were added in 1993.  Most of these programs are one-day and cost the participant approximately $110 depending on the program.  This expense cover equipment and any charges that may occur.  Much of the expense is offset by 200 volunteers during the course of the year.  
Sara presented a video showing some incredible skills--skiing (snow and water), kayaking and other sports.  These experiences increase the self-confidence in the participants.  The participants include children AND adults.  Part of the Mission Statement for USARC includes:
  * Confronting limitations resolutely and educationally; and
  * Developing independence through a cooperative reliance on others.
GREAT presentation Sara.  Rotary thanks you and your staff for all your wonderful efforts.
Liz Harris was the BIG winner!  Congrats Liz
  * May 16   Performance of our Music Winners (who were unable to perform March 29) and Monica (Oktoberfest)
  * May 23   Vinyl Comedy  (REMEMBER:  FREE meals for Rotarians due to the Eagle of Excellence being the LAST meeting of the month)
  * May 30   Eagle of Excellence  (5:30 Social; 6:30 Dinner)
REMEMBER: Every Thursday is a Rotary Thursday!