Posted by Ronald Peavy on May 23, 2019
Thursday, May 23, 2019  12 noon @ Mountain Cafe
* Call to Order by Chair, Ms Dawn Hartmeister
* Pledge of Allegiance led by Dawn
* 4-Way Test repeated by all attendees
* Eagle of Excellence (May 30) Update:  Dawn shared we have 92 RSVP to date! Awesome work everyone.
Scholarship Update: Dave Caretto thanked Committee Members and shared we will be giving out nine (9)
   $1,500 scholarships + $1,000 to Chautauqua + Steven G. Mihaylo (2x $1,500 + 1x $2,000-D.Stone +
   2x $1,500-Dawnbusters)  Total Rotary Scholarships:  $22,500-Congratulations to ALL
* Dental Screening: Keenan gave an overview of the assessment of dental needs from our Dental program
* Grill and Chill KC State BBQ Championship: Keenan updated on this Memorial Day Weekend
   Extravaganza (and Fundraiser for our club)  Need signups especially Sunday Morning.
* Interact Club Rush, Saturday, June 1st:  Andy B gave update on this event @ the Warren's; can use
   some adult involvement to toss burgers and provide support! 
John Callahan Memorial Service:  A GREAT turnout for John's Memorial Service at the Pine's Tavern.
    GREAT memories of a GREAT human being and Rotarian.  This guy gave 120% to everyone and everything. 
John Callahan
PROGRAM:  "Vinyl Comedy".  John McKinney gave us a great (funny) program playing the ole'
turntable vinyls with plenty of humor.  Thanks John!
Meeting adjourned @ 12:52 p.m.
Thursday, May 23, 2019 6:30 p.m.
* Call to Order @ 6:32 by Prez Costlow
* Pledge and 4-Way Test led by Prez
* Rotary Moment:  Ron Peavy shared  moments of John Callahan Memorial Service and positive 
   update on Al Ferguson...thanks for our many blessings
* Songmeister Dave Johnson (with a wee bit of help from guest Elena Peavy) led the club in a
   rousing (or not) rendition of "Schmile" or Smile....good memories of Hans Bandows
*  ANNOUNCEMENTS: Upcoming Chill & Grill (Memorial Weekend); Eagle of Excellence
   (May 30); Sign-ups for July 4 BBQ;* Interact Club Rush, Saturday, June 1st
* Many guests included Paul Bedoe and his fiance, Sherry, Dana Prophet, Scotty Crawford, Lynn Fowler,
   Carole Mulvihill and Elena Peavy--Welcome all!
* Recognition Galore:
   Michael Beveridge (tardy and forgot Annette); Elena Peavy (parents 77th Anniversary); Jim 
   Miller (fight on!); Cliff Fowler (forgot Lynn was a guest); John Stock (finger nail repair @
   Butcher Block???); Simeon Prophet and Paul Bedoe (Welcome Home!!!); Scotty Crawford
   (Where am I?); Darrell Mulvihill (Welcome Back-where's your wallet?); Keenan Warner
   (Bruin time!); and last but not least, Prez LowCost errh-ah Costlow (wishing for bark
PROGRAM:  John Mckinney, Rotarian, creatively created nostalgia by playing some of his
   Vinyl Comedy collections... what's a turntable? Dragnet anyone? Johnny Carson, Vatican Rag...etc. 
   GREAT job John.  Absentees missed a FUN evening