Posted by David Johnson on Nov 21, 2019
President: Quentin Page open the meeting with the pledge to our great Flag. Followed by recitation of the 4-way test.
Music: Music was led by Miguel Gonzalez who didn't take lessons from Javier Solis but it was a great rendition of God Bless America and ROTARY!!!
Guests: Since this was the last meeting of the month guests were introduced.  Helen Walsh introduced her Uber Driver Patrick Walsh, John King introduced his wife Barbara who is a force behind the Mountain Strings,  John Friel introduce his wife Connie and no remarks were made from the peanut gallery!!, Filo Arial introduced Rosa his wife of 25 years.  She doesn't look old enough!, Keenan Warner introduce Lindy without further remarks, and Dave Johnson introduced Tena who has put up with him for 50 years. 
After all that, Quentin order dinner for all of us and served by Memory and her Assistant.  It was an American Chow Mein type dish, fried rice, spring rolls and cheese cake desert.  Another great meal from the Lodge.
Perfect Attendance: Mike Chilcoat was catching up on the attendance records.  Filo Arias had perfect attendance for 2 years, Marcus Dietz for 6, and John Stock for 20.  Michael Beveridge has perfect attendance but Mike left his badge bar at home.  Mike donated a $100 to the Senior Luncheon in Mike Beveridges name.
Interact: Andy Brakebill reported on the doings of the High School Interact Club.  They finished raking up Keenan's Back yard for a nice donation from Keenan.  Andy reported that his next door neighbor is older and semi handicapped and cannot clean her back yard or pay someone to do it.  After finishing up at Keenan's House our great Interactors went to her house and cleaned up the back yard.  Andy took 400 lbs of needles to the dump.  They should get an award from the Fire Department!!  Good work young people.  The club has been active raising money.  The High School Interact Club donated $500 to the Peanut Butter Project which is currently operating in West Africa.  It is a sustainable project that provides a mixture of Peanut Butter, Milk Solids, Vitimins and other nutrients that can bring infants back from the brink of severe malnutrition.  The donated $100 to the Senior Luncheon Project, and $1,500 to the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Club via District to help with the clean up after their fire.  Great work and dedication by these young people. 
Senior Luncheon:  Keenan and Helen visited about 50 merchants in the valley, asking for donations for the Senior Luncheon.  Most were happy to see Helen but also tolerated Keenan (As reported by Keenan!!!!).  Donations have been coming in.  If you are able to assist with the Senior luncheon, make your donations to the Big Bear Lake Rotary Club, PO Box 615, BBL, CA 92315.  Thanks ahead of time.
Keenan Warner: sprung a quiz on us (What would you expect from a sixth grade teacher).  A series of multiple choice questions were verbly given with four choices for the Answer.  Everybody knows how many puritans sailed on the Mayflower, right.  How many feathers does a mature turkey have?  You have counted them correct?  What country eats more turkey per capita in the world?  And on and on.  By the way it is Israel.  After all ten questions were answered, they were graded and Dave/Tena and John/Connie won with 6 correct answers.  Well you know Keenan didn't give a lecture on the subject first!
Mike Chilcoat: made a pitch for his Organic Turkeys but if you want one, I think that you are too late.  You can try him today only if you want the best turkey in the Valley.
Rotary Meetings:  December will have a meeting on December 5th which will be billed for the evening members.  The December 12th meeting will be held after the stocking stuffing ends.  Stocking stuffing will start about 4:30 pm.  It will be in the same location as last year, on the second floor of the Holiday Inn lodge.  Come one come all.  This will be the prepaid meal for all members and our Christmas Celebration. 
Closing:  We were missing Ron and Elena Peavy who are enjoying a fabulous vacation in France, And Chris Costlow who got stuck in traffic in Bakersfield.  BAKERSFIELD???   Well that's the story!