Posted by David Johnson on Oct 05, 2018
President Costlow: Opened the meeting, late, at 6:35 pm.  
Steve Schindler: Led the Pledge to our Flag. 
Dave Johnson: Provided a Rotary Moment.  He spoke on and about the Rotary Dental Clinic in Heroica Mulge, Baja California 
President Costlow; Led the club in the 4-Way Test
Club Members:  We sang the R-O-T-A-R-Y Song
Secretary: Ron Peavy- Distributed the Rotary Clothing that had been ordered.  Who got the 3XXX Shirt?!
Dinner: Was a great Buffet.  It consisted of a fresh green salad with cucumbers.  Hot Rolls, Baked Chick, French Green Beans with baby onions, Coffee and Creamer.  Cupcakes for dessert.  Great Dinner and cudos to the Chef.  
Member: Cliff Flower, came forward and presented two checks to the Rotary Club.  The first was a $500 check to the Interact Club for their help in parking cars.  The second was presented to the Rotary Club for the Fireworks program that is produced by the Rotary Club and Funded by the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Big Bear Lake.  
Cliff Fowler with President Chris;
Secretary: Ron Peavy provided some Recognition. 
1. Ron Baker was recognized at the Ducks Baseball game on the big screen in front of 50,000 people.  His brother forgot to take the picture!  $15 from the season ticket holder. 
2. John Barley had his picture in the Oktoberfest Magazine.  $20.
3. John Stock for Birthdays and Travel $15.
4. Mike Beverage and Annette Karnes $10
5. Dave Johnson for his Birthday $20
6. Cliff Fowler/John Stock and Dan Lewis for Birthdays, long vacations and other Stuff $15 total
7. President Chris for the 3XXXL Shirt. 
8. Cliff Flowler will present a program on his trip at a later date. 
Noon Meeting:  By Quintan Page: 
Attendees: Dawn Hartmeister, Keenan Warner, Shannon Shea, Cliff Fowler, Scott Crawford, Annette Karnes, Pam Scannell and her guest June, Dave Johnson, Ron Peavy & Quinton Page
Points of discussion:
  • June gave us an update of the Big Bear Housing Market (It’s doing great! Sellers’ market)
  • Sweetheart Ball will be held on Saturday Feb 9 and will benefit “All Things Rotary”
  • We recapped and discussed Jay Obernolte’s recent presentation to the club
  • We talked about the Big Bear Lake Rose Parade Float, which Rotary will not be able to contribute to financially as a club because it does not align with our mission statement
  • We’re trying to determine a location for the Santa program to be based out of. Keenan, Ron and Dave will inquire about using the Lodge. The following dates were suggested: Socking Stuffing- Dec 19. Santa Deliveries- Dec. 20, 21, 22.
  • Corporate memberships were discussed
  • Pam is forming committees to help plan the 4 Way Test Speech Contest, Big Bear Idol, and Eagles of Excellence
Morning Meeting:
Morning meetung discussion centered around the establishment of a Corporate Membership.  Keenan Warner stated that the Board had set up a committee to work out the details.  The breakfast food order was wonderful as usual.  Cliff Fowler is making up for not attending Rotary during his month long Vacation!   He related some of the details of his trip and will bring a full program to the morning meeting in the future.