Posted by David Johnson on Sep 02, 2019
August Boat Party and News
The Good News First:
This is an E-mail from Carol Bremer with good news about her son. 
Good News!  And an Answer to Prayers!!  From doctor's dismal early predictions for Robert's recovery to yesterday afternoon's release to go home!! Robert was released Saturday evening about 7:00 p.m. and had a fairly good day today (Sunday) at home. Kaiser Hospital provided a hospital bed /
wheel chair and walker for his home.  Robert's back is causing him a lot of pain, but the head pain is so much better.  It is really a Miracle!  Thank you All for your Many Prayers!  
God Bless!  ... Carol Bremer.
The last meeting of the Rotary Club, in August, met at Pine Knot Marina for a Boat Party.  This Rotary year the boat parties have been wonderful and well attended.  There was a little difficulty in arriving as the main gate was locked and a key was not available.  We were directed around to the secondary gate and on down the Jetty. 
There were two pontoon boats from the Marina, Cliff Fowler in his boat.  Drew Pappas from the Hospital Foundation brought his boat and some board members, and Dan Easterby had his beautiful "V" hull.  A total of 36 Rotarians, Partners, and Friends traveled west to Paradise Cove.  There we tied up together and the anchors finally took hold and the Party/Social hour began.  All of the attendees had outdone themselves with food and wine. I don't think it was all consumed.  We had some food from great cooks onboard as well has a lot of prepared food.  The usual finger food included Fried Chicken, Deviled eggs by more than one person, won't comment on the best!!! and cheeses, meats, pizza, and great deserts.  Wine was abundant and enjoyed by those old enough!  We had some grandchildren on board and they livened up the meeting.  Children are always welcome but must have a life jacket if they are younger than 13 years of age.  The meeting ran from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm and we all started back to our respective Marinas.  It was a wonderful evening.  The weather cooperated and the slight wind died down for the trip back.  Here are some photos taken by several people. 
Our Mascot for the Evening!