President Dawn Hartmeister
The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake is now MEETING IN PERSON & ZOOMING!!  In case you have missed it, we are meeting @the Sizzler on Thursday's @ 11:30 a.m. (check-in/socialize). Call to Order is @ High Noon (12 p.m.).  We continue to have GREAT fellowship, updates and programs.  PLEASE JOIN US!!
Spouse/Partner Night
The LAST meeting of the month is spouse/partner night @ the Elks Club.  This month (November) due to Thanksgiving, we will have the Spouse/Partner night on Thursday, November 18!!!.  Please RSVP and attend!!
Important Upcoming Dates:
  * Saturday, November 13.  Interviews for Santa gifts for the Christmas Collaborative.  Contact Keenan or Dawn
  * Thursday, November 18.  Spouse/Partner night @ the Elks.  RSVP to Dawn
  * Thursday, December 9.  Stocking Stuffing @ the Sizzler @ 12 noon.  Spouses/Partners encourage to attend
  * Thursday, Friday, Saturday, December 16, 17, 18 Rotary Santa visits.  PLEASE SIGN UP through Keenan
February--Music Competition
March--Dental Clinic
April--Sweetheart/Eagle of Excellence Ball