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Welcome to our Club Meetings.  
Big Bear Lake Rotary

Service Above Self

We meet In Person
Thursdays at 6:30 PM
The Elks Lodge
40611 Village Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
United States of America
(310) 874-2963
Social Hour in the Bar starts around 5:15 p.m and the meeting at 6:30 p.m.. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. If there are 5 Thursdays in the month, the last Thursday is Paul Harris and Partner's Night.

Big Bear Lake Rotary Club - The Club with the High Altitude Attitude

Home Page Stories
On September 13 the Big Bear Community gathered at the Convention center to raise funds for Maui Relief.  The event included all of the clubs in Big Bear and 18 of the restaurants.  The entry fee was $25 and this raised $13,000+/-.  The auction items and other donations brought the total to $46,000 without some clubs tallied.  This even was organized by Helen Walsh.  Each club member's donation was attached to their club and the funds will be sent to Maui under each clubs name.  Marie Morris of the Big Bear Lake Rotary Club contributed the photos for this story.  Our thanks to all who participated and contributed to this worthy cause.  
The departure of the Covid restrictions allows the Local Dentists and Rotarians to restart the Dental Program for the Students at the two Elementary Schools in Big Bear Valley.  These are North Shore Elementary and Baldwin Land Elementary.  
Dr. Kristin Yoshida, DDS, and her staff of certified Dental Hygienists were at the North Shore Elementary School, and Mark Brown and his certified Dental Hygienists were at Baldwin Lane Elementary.  
All  first, third and fifth graders were brought into the Activity Room by class.  Each of the students had a prefilled sheet showing their names.  These sheets were also used to record the findings of the Dentist and Hygienists.  Each of the students was helped up onto the examination chair and the professionals did an inspection of their teeth.  Rotarians helped the students up and down from the chair.  They were then directed to another Rotarian who gave them a goody bag of a Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and floss.  The students then returned to their classmates.
There were four high school students participating.  Three students were from the Interact Club.  These four students participated in the annual Speech Contest. The winner was Faith Bakhow who took home $500.  The Second Place was Kiley Moledo who took home $250.  Third Place was Mathew Valencia who took home $150. and the 4th Place was Enrique Marizanterez who took home $50.00.
From Right to Left:
1. Faith
2. Kiley
3. Mary Suzuki-School Superintendent
4. Mathew
5. Dawn Hartmeister - Rotary President
6. Enrique
7.Andy Brakebill = Interact Director.
The program for April 27, 2023 was provided by the officers of the Baldwin Lane Elementary School Early Act.  The students were well prepared and provided a power point presentation as well as reporting on their activities.  On the left is Leigh Ann Drake, Principal and on the Right is Susan "Dusty" Brown the Director of Early Act.
Today, January 28, 2021, Helen Walsh on behalf of The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake, presented a check in the amount of $6,000 to Pastor Eric Hoerger of Believers Chapel Food Pantry.  $5,000 of this amount was given to The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake as a grant from Rotary District 5330.  The funds were designated for the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake "Million Meals" Food Pantry Program.  Helen Walsh has been the Chair of this program since 2015.  The reason the program was given the name "Million Meals" is that that is the amount of food they wanted to donate to our local Food Pantries.  That goal has been REACHED!  Today, the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake passed the "Million Meals" goal.  The total of money raised and donated to date is equal to 1,174,243 meals for those families in need in the Big Bear Valley.  The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake has accounts set up for the Food Pantries that want to participate with them at Feeding America in Riverside.  As the club raises funds, they deposit the money into the accounts and Feeding America gives the Food Pantries 8-9 meals per dollar.  The Food Pantries have to go to their warehouse in Riverside to pick up their food.  They have access to fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat, as well as, canned and boxed goods.  Pastor Eric opens his Food Pantry every Thursday and hands out food equal to approximately 1,000 meals. During these difficult times with the Covid-19, so many people are out of work, businesses are shut down and funds are difficult to raise for charities.  Last year The Rotary Club of Big Bear  Lake won the Community Champion Award from  Feeding America.  If you would like to donate to the program, please send your Tax Deductible Donation to: The Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake, P.O. Box 615, Big Bear Lake, Ca. 92315.

Rotary Projects in Bear Valley

1. The Santa Program: for three nights, five Santas deliver over 500+ stockings and presents to the children of Big Bear Valley

2, The Senior Christmas Lunch:  On the first Wednesday of December the Rotary Club Hosts 400+ seniors at Pine Summit Salvation Army Camp.  There is music and presents.  The only requirement is that you are over 55 years of age. 

3. Free Dental Screening: in conjunction with the Dentists of Big Bear Valley, Elementary School Children are screened for dental problems.  Parents are notified of the result.

4. July 4th BBQ and Fireworks: One of the five best Fireworks Shows in Southern California is produced by Rotary in association with the City of Big Bear and the Visitor's Bureau.  The Rotary BBQ is a major fundraiser for each (normal) year. 

5. Halloween in the Village.  Two stations are set up in the Village.  One for the High School and one for the Middle school.  Both are stationed by students of the Interact Club and Rotarians. 

6. The Sweetheart Ball: Each year a special group is chosen to support.  The Sweetheart Ball is held close to Valentine's Day.  Funds are raised for the group selected.  It is a major event for Valentine's Season.

7. The Eagles of Excellence: Rotary recognizes outstanding contributors to our community who demonstrate excellence in their personal giving of time, energy, and influence to others with the community.  

8. Feeding those in Big Bear Valley: Through the efforts of several Rotarians in the Club, we have raised over $20,000 for Feed America.  Three churches in the Valley distribute the food that this provides.  It is estimated that each dollar donated provides 8 meals. So our Club has provided 160,000 meals in the last year to our community members. 

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