President Chris Costlow
Thursday, noon meeting
*Pledge of Allegiance led by King Keenan
*Rotary Gratitude Bucks were share by all those present; a Special Gratitude was paid by Annette Karnes for grandchild #10
*UPDATES:  RSVP needed for upcoming Demotion....errrr we mean Debunking (6/27); sign-ups for July 4,5 BBQ personnel
  as well as for the Hydration Station and Barge; 2019-20 Budget meeting was held.
  ►Membership Strategies (Keenan et al):  ASK Someone, etc
  ►Maureen Shepherd update--hopes to return in August
  ►Scholarships (Caretto): $12,500 given to Seniors plus Chautauqua and
      $9,000 through S.G. Mihaylo Foundation (Total $21,500), that's a WOW!!!!
 *Meeting adjourned @ 12:47 p.m. REMEMBER: The Thursday noon meeting is DARK on June 27.  Attend the SPECIAL Evening meeting!
Thursday evening
*Meeting called to order @ 6:35 p.m. by "acting" President, and we do mean acting, Keenan Warner
*Pledge of Allegiance led by Jim Miller
*Rotary moment given by Helen Walsh
*Singing led by Dave Johnson--America the Beautiful and R-O-T-A-R-Y!
*Special Guests introduced:  Greg and Bionette Moute representing the Visitors Bureau
  and Heather Obernolte, guest speaker
*GREAT dinner consisting of crepes, veggies and dessert
  ►Maureen Shepherd update
  ►Filo Arias-married June 15, 1992
  ►John Friel-joined Rotary June 1, 1978
  ►Ron Peavy by Ron Baker for giving Baker's credit to someone else....cheapshot!
  ►Keenan Warner-putting a dumpster for weeks in front of his house lowering
      the value of the Millers' home
  ►Carol Bremer -tried to give Ron her purse
  Guilt Recognition:
  ►Andy Suhay-appreciation for all the Fireworks support
  ►Annette Karnes-grandchild #10
  ►Andy Brakebill-vacation $$$ leftover from trip to Austin, TX
  ►Bionette--appreciation for dinner
Special Presentations:
 Bionette Moute presents Rotary with $2,000 check
for Grill and Chill ("Frozen") support! Thank you
Visitors Bureau
Keenan Warner, Cliff Fowler and Andy Suhay accept $1,000 Fireworks Donation from the Big Bear Cycling Association (presented by Ron Peavy)
The evening's outstanding program, Odyssey of the Mind, was presented by Heather Obernolte.  Heather has coached the Odyssey teams for 11 years.  During that time, Heather shared that Rotary has supported the program for five (5) years which she expressed sincere appreciation.
Odyssey of the Mind is a K-12 worldwide program.  Participation in the program costs a team approximately $10,000 which includes traveling for state and national participation (when qualified). Big Bear has gone to the nationals three times which are always held on the North American Continent.  This program is not a memorization program like the Academic Decathlon.  Odyssey promotes creative thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and spontaneity.  Many of the older students participating in the Odyssey program meet late in the evenings after completing other school assignments and activities to work on strategies for upcoming competition.  Participation is NOT based grade point average or IQ; it is based on commitment and being a part of the team.  
Rotary wants to thank Heather and the other adult volunteers for their hard work and commitment to this program and the youth of our valley.  Thank you Heather!!
Keenan Warner and Heather Obernolte
Our meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.  Great job Keenan!
REMEMBER TO RSVP (to Dawn Hartmeister) for the Special Program on Thursday, June 27.  Hope to see EVERYONE there.  Noon meeting is DARK on the 27th!!!