Outgoing "Pandemic President" Quinton Pag
Zoom Meeting #9-Thursday, June 25, 2020
President Page Called to Order his last meeting for the 2019-2020 Year @ 6:31 p.m.
WELCOME to the 21 Zoom Participants--another EXCELLENT turnout--kudos to all participants!!
President Page led is in the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-Way Test
Many Rotarians were observed TURNING THE "PAGE" on our outgoing President. Bag Man (Lewis) seemed somewhat distracted by all the crazy hats.  Hat Man Shaw modeled all of his GREAT grandmother's hats to the dismay of the entire audience.  GREAT display Mr. Shaw! President Page lost control of the meeting early on but, as always, the meeting was very entertaining.  Alas, President Page was acknowledged for his leadership as SUPERMAN meeting (exceptionally well) the challenges of his year.  In turn PP Page will be turning over the reins to incoming WONDER WOMAN HARTMEISTER-only the 2nd female president of the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake.  Anne (Zimmerman) Bush was the first.  A thunderous applause from the crowd was forthcoming for Page and Hartmeister!!!
2020-2021 Board Approved
After eight (8) months of arduous fundraising and campaigning the incoming board was APPROVED with a UNANIMOUS vote of the club members. Motion (Hartmeister); 2nd (Page) to approve the following slate of officers for the 20-21 Rotary Year:
  President:  Dawn Hartmeister
  President-elect:  Dan Easterby
  Immediate Past-president:  Quinton Page
  Treasurer:  Dave Johnson
  Club Service:  Chris Costlow/Marcus Dietz
  Community Service:  Keenan Warner
  International Service:  Garry Dokter
  Vocational Service:  John McKinney
  Youth Service:  Andy Brakebill/John Stock
  At-Large Director:  Tony Tamberchi (New position)
  Secretary:  Ron Peavy
Business Meeting
Interact:  Andy Brakebill gave an update on Interact events.  Interact will not be handing out facial coverings to our July 4 visitors.  This will be a $2k fundraiser for the Interact Club (in lieu of the FFB parking)
Barge Prep:  Club members were reminded to show up for Barge Prep this Saturday, June 27 NO LATER than 10 a.m.
July 4 Catering:  P-E Hartmeister gave an update on the meals and preparation for club members and Pyro reps on July 3 and $.  THANK YOU Dawn and all the participants
Fireworks:  Cliff Fowler gave an update on the Fireworks Show.  Thank you Cliff ,Michael Beveridge, Jim Miller and Quinton Page for all your hard work over the last 9 months preparing for this event
Adjournment:  7:23 p.m.