The departure of the Covid restrictions allows the Local Dentists and Rotarians to restart the Dental Program for the Students at the two Elementary Schools in Big Bear Valley.  These are North Shore Elementary and Baldwin Land Elementary.  
Dr. Kristin Yoshida, DDS, and her staff of certified Dental Hygienists were at the North Shore Elementary School, and Mark Brown and his certified Dental Hygienists were at Baldwin Lane Elementary.  
All  first, third and fifth graders were brought into the Activity Room by class.  Each of the students had a prefilled sheet showing their names.  These sheets were also used to record the findings of the Dentist and Hygienists.  Each of the students was helped up onto the examination chair and the professionals did an inspection of their teeth.  Rotarians helped the students up and down from the chair.  They were then directed to another Rotarian who gave them a goody bag of a Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and floss.  The students then returned to their classmates.